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Joe Kuhr ☆
29 April 2011 @ 02:24 am

1:17 AM April 29, 2011 Friday

CBU became my companion during the Holy Week and I just bid April & Black coffee good-bye a short while ago. Back in May 2010 (May, what a coincidence), my friend recommended me this fanfic. She even let me borrow her phone for me to read the .doc file of this story. Yes, I judged it as boring and not interesting enough for me to read because I'm a loyal reader-slash-supporter of Moe; writer of My Ping-Pong Boy and The Summer House. But because I have a lot of time in my hands, I gave this another chance.

And I stand corrected, this fanfic is just my cup of Black coffee. Pure of sarcasm, action, mindfuck, drama, crack and of course, romance. I never admit it but I've been always the cheesy-corny-type-of-person BUT not over things that are cliché and pretty overused. I just like how Jaewon expressed his feelings to May. "I'm having a heart attack." was my favorite; very creative and totally not easy to solve. He remained mysterious and I liked that. I've always dreamed of a guy like him, a boyfriend like him. A guy who is capable of surprising me when I least expect him to. Well, who does not love surprises?

On to reading the story, I've always rooted for Jaewon. Mainly because he's mean and he is certainly like Chuck Bass, his character caught my attention. Little did I know that he was the "readers' favorite". He deserves it, though.

Choi Sangwoo was very mushy and all, being the ideal man to May just didn't feel right to me. Sangwoo is mean, I hated his character so much. He and Misun are really meant for each other. They're psychotic. As for Taehee, she's the least person I expected to be a gang leader and the crime boss' daughter. Why? Because of being Brian's ~fake~ girlfriend. (Brian's just, ugh. Annoying. I know.) Despite that, she gained respect from her minions and the people around her.

The Korean Triads are pretty scary. No. They scared the hell out of me shitless. Every single damn time that Jaewon and May spent together, I would always expect something bad would happen. Like someone from the gang would chase them or something, stability and normalcy were never applicable in this story.

Jaewon's death is something I expected right from the start. A story that revolves around "gangs"? Gokusen might popped on my mind, but this is way more cruel and serious than you can imagine. I, as an observant reader cannot imagine CBU having a happy ending. But of course, I've always wanted the ending to give justice to Jaewon and May's love. For it is pure and true. They deserve each other, though Jaewon and his twisted world of gangs may be self-destructive at times, May remained by his side. That, ladies and gentlemen, is love.

Among Soompi's best of the best fanfiction, CBU is the closest to my heart that I have read so far. I couldn't say 'twas my favorite because My Ping-Pong Boy and The Summerhouse were just as good as CBU in my opinion. These are different stories and it would be very hard to compare them to one another. The writers worked off their creative minds to give us quality entertainment and I'm really thankful for it.

I don't usually write something like this after reading a fanfic but I think this deserves a well-detailed blog entry from me.

And I am still hoping that CBU would have a movie or TV series for reals.
THIS STORY IS JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I don't think I can handle the fact that I'm going to say good-bye to Jaewon and May forever. /cries

And I just realized that I read this fanfic on April. April and May will always have a special spot in my heart. Black coffee also. 


Always and forever ever April & Black Coffee. - May

Btw, what should I read next?
I have the .doc file of Linked to You in my phone. Hmm.

Joe Kuhr ☆
27 May 2010 @ 11:11 pm

Happy 6th month, SHINEEING! I'm so glad to be a part of this extremely noisy textgroup! Lol. The spazzes, the fangirls.. everything. Thank you for sticking with this family for 6 months. I love you guys so much! ♥♥ I made this banner since I have no load, oh poor me. D: I would also like to thank some of the members for recognizing Rap the Soul. We're really honored to do covers for you 'cos you know we love you guys like that.

Need I say more? HMM. :DDD More power to us! Happy 6th monthsary, again. SHINEEINGSHIMMERINGSPLENDID LOVES.

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Joe Kuhr ☆
27 May 2010 @ 09:58 pm

Time sure flies so fast, It's been two years! Congratulations to the 5 ever-so-shining boys, dorky leader Ondubu, bling bling dinosaur Jjong, almighty diva Key, flaming charisma Minho & handy boy maknae Taemin!  At first, I can't believe that they're really young and even Taemin's a 93-er like me. O_O In despite of that, they showed us what real talent is, REGARDLESS OF AGE. That age does not measure one's capability as a performer and of course, as a person. They blew us away with their humor and wit. Not to mention the looks. They have it. Oh boy. :) I'm thankful something like SHINee exists in this world. I'm so blessed to be a fan of these boys. Onew; Sangtae! SHINee's appa. He serenaded us with his warm voice that soothes every listener's ears. The ideal duet partner of every guy or girl in the music scene (not to mention his OYL duet with SNSD's Jessica, I so love it even though I don't ship OnSica lol.) Afraid of babies. The guy who imitates Jonghyun all the time. The boy who made it in the broadway scene, Congratulations for a job well done! Jonghyun; Shines bright like bling bling. The rockstar. I love him 'cause he's a bassist and he's a former band member. His unique husky and sexy voice makes all the fangirls blush everytime they hear him sing those edgy high notes! He's too much into skinship but it's just his way of expressing his love and care for his co-members and his son, Yoogeun. A tease, I tell you. StarRoo appa. He almost stole my attention from Key. Key; SHINee's umma. Diva. KingQueen of girl group dances. Can sing/dance/rap. A caring father & mother to Yoogeun. Trendsetter. Pink Panther. Definitely an awesome being. Love of my life. Key to my heart. I'm his locketnumberone (My Twitter account, folks! Follow me. :p) Minho; Owns those eyes similar to a Manga character's. The boy whose best friends with balls. Read that right, balls. Like, any sport that involves using a ball. He's the sporty one, but still keeps a Prince Charming aura inside. Yoogeun's biological father among SHINee appas because of the physical features they both share. Taemin; Handy boy! I cried because of his life story. Dance Machine! The prettiest girl in the world if ever shehe becomes one. Possesses a face smaller than a girl's, he's even prettier than me. Rofl. Sounds like Jonghyun when he sings, I wish he could get more singing parts 'cos he deserves it. Owns all the innocence in the world.

I've been a fan since the Replay era and they took home almost every newcomer award, isn't that amazing? or should I say, aren't they amazing? That's how great they are. Being labeled as the next Dong Bang Shin Ki is another proof too. Love Like Oxygen, where they had that so-called color coding. Key looked manly in pink! Who knew. A.Mi.Go took us by storm! How about winning #1 at Music Bank on the day of their comeback stage with their song that Jonghyun wrote, Juliette? Some may not like their colorful image and weird outfits but I find it awesome. Today, the Ring Ding Dong era unleashed the mature, dark image of SHINee. You should be impressed by now. If you're going to ask me if I'm bragging right now, well the answer is yes. I'm bragging because I have the right to, and because I have a lot of stuff to brag about them. and lastly? BECAUSE I'M A PROUD SHAWOL/SHINEE WORLD.

Noona or not, you should be a fan of them. They deserve all the love & support in the world. They may be young, but I'm 200% sure they can bring it on.
BEING A FAN WON'T HURT. Come and join us, you're always welcome to enter the SHINee World.
Joe Kuhr ☆
27 May 2010 @ 08:06 pm

I just want to clarify that you're still viewing my journal, not my official DJ thread. XD Lol. I just want you guys to see my TaengSic-biased banner that I made for my DJ thread.

Like TaeYeon-unnie, I've been hired by Girls' Generation Philippines as their very own DJ. Awesome isn't it? :) Now what are you waiting for? Congratulate me! Kidding. 8D Last saturday, Ate Kix (also a GGPH DJ) taught me how to set up an online radio using Winamp & Shoutcast. She let me use her own online radio because it was just for practice so it's okay. Thank God I succeeded. Haha. Two days ago (tuesday), I had my very first online test radio using GGPH Radio. I was really nervous that time because I don't know where to start and what to say! I don't even know how to set up the radio at first! But whew, thanks to DJ Darla for guiding me and for answering my questions about this DJ thing. XD This saturday, I'll have my very first Radio Show at GGPH forums (http://radio.ggphilippines.org), 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Wish me luck! :D My radio show schedule is every weekends, 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Feel free to listen and request songs! :D I also have my very own online radio server (http://myearcandy.listen2myradio.com) and if you wanna hear me playing your favorite songs, just feel free to approach me. You may post your song requests, too! I'll be glad to play it for you. DJ, put it back on! ♥
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Joe Kuhr ☆
27 February 2010 @ 10:46 am


Jodie. JodieB. JodieBi. JoJo.
Jung. Valentina.
16. Yeoja. Makati, Philippines.
October baby: 1026th1993. I own the date. 

I scream for ice cream! :3 Wuuuu. Pasta is my Mast(a)--er.
Idealist-realist. Crazyyyyy. Loves photoshop & camwhoring.
Yellow and Orange YELLOW&ORANGE Yellow and Orange
but what i love most is him! whom i can't have, ever. BLAH.


I'm good at tongue twisters! =) Really. ;)))))
I SUCK AT MATH :(((((( Naaaw bb, MATH SUUUX.
I'm a language freak, I know at least 5 languages (basic ;D)
godfamilyfriends r forever bb 

I am a Disney baby!
Jonas Brothers. Demi Lovato. Selena Gomez. 

Asian Pop = Amajjing!
& kpop jpop twpop

Bandom freak since forever!
& paramore panic! at the disco escape the fate coheed and cambria
new found glory story of the year all time low we the kings flyleaf
urbandub fall out boy kings of leon typecast hey monday
Joe Kuhr ☆
25 December 2009 @ 01:20 am


I hope you'll have a Rocksteric Christmas with your families & love ones. I gotta say Sorry Sorry to those people I've offended,
and thanks to the people who made my heart go Gee.
Yaaay! *showers love* My wishes this Christmas season are as follows.

i. For the people involved in the previous typhoon incidents here in the Philippines;
To recover, move on, and start a new life. For them not to lose hope.

ii. KPop tragic incidents;
JAEBUM. Please come baaaack D: 
Cassies & ELFs, AKTF 
K-Artists that suffered from Swine Flu to be in a better condition.

School is my life. And I can't imagine studying in another university aside from my dream school.
curious? comment if you wanna know. lol.
January 13, 2009 will be the judgement  date. FR SRS.


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Joe Kuhr ☆
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! Just tell something about you, it won't hurt right?
If I feel your flow, I'll definitely add you back. Promise!

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